Have you ever....

Wanted to learn about HTML and what it takes to build and maintain a web site?
Wondered if it was possible to build a web site using free content provided by others and very little of your own?
Got tired of keeping your web browser bookmarks sychronized between several computers?
Wanted to keep some notes in a central location so you can get to them no matter where you are?

If so then you have a head start in understanding what rsbac is all about. It's here for my personal use, if it's helpful to others that's great. Feel free to look around.

I've organized this site into sections. Each section is dedicated to one of my personal interests.

Much of this site was 'abandoned' for several years. I've recently updated some of it but not all information is currently of much value. One of my short term goals is learning Drupal. This site may become my sandbox for that.

I enjoy programming in Borland/Inprise/Embarcadero's Delphi. I got started with  their Pascal back in the pre-PC CP/M days. I've been 'faithful' to them ever since. I've written my personal budget program in Pascal,  programs to control my ham radios and scanners, and more utility type programs than I can remember.

Occasionally I need some information or maybe want to find if someone has already written a component I can use. Links to the Delphi sites I've found are the DelphiStuff section.

I've been a ham (amateur) radio operator since 1969. My main interests are the technical end of the hobby. I enjoy playing around with slow scan TV (SSTV), packet, and other digital modes. I'm currently working on a program to control my Yaesu receiver via a web interface and also shipping the audio out over the internet via Skype. HamStuff will contain links to ham radio related information and some dealers that have web sites.

I've wanted to learn how to create and maintain a web site. I also wanted to see if I could set up my own 'portal' with information of value to me. rsbLand is the result and hopefully will be a work in continual progress.

I've found more sites offering free stuff... email, content, web space, utilities than anyone could use  in a hundred lifetimes. While I don't think it's polite to complain when you're being given free stuff,
some of the stuff is really 3rd rate or if you venture to the provider's site you find it impossible to leave (like the Eagle's Hotel California.) I really hate it when you try to escape by closing your browser and get even MORE pop-up windows (thank you Microsoft for putting this capability in IE! It's something the world really needed).

Some of the links will have a comments button behind them. Click on the button to read about my  experiences with or comments about that site - good or bad. The comments will show up in a pop-up window. Remember it's just my personal opinion,  - your mileage may vary.

rsbac FAQs

Do you have other interests that aren't covered in rsbac?
Yes, I'm an avid ebay-er, into home theatre, satellite and OTA digital TV, and Motown. I also follow the Pittsburgh Pirates, I guess I enjoy pain.

Where did you come up with the name
The first three characters are my initials. The a stands for the word and. The c can stand for either computer or cat. Or almost anything else that seems to fit at the moment.

What did you use to create this web site?
Trellix Web 2.7 orignally, now GlobalScape CuteSITE Builder 4.0.

Who is hosting this web site?
Page-Zone (

Will you ever finish this site?
Hopefully. This is a leisure time project. I do hope to retire in a couple years. Maybe I'll finish it then.

What happened to the Altair and Heathkit content that used to be on this site?
It's been archived and may be back some day. Thanks to search engines too many people were landing on pages deep inside and didn't realize the items shown had been sold and were interested in buying them or had questions on them. The old site obviously was confusing people.

What ever happened to rsbland and/or rbeez?
I found references to and/or rbeez on this site, what's up?
This site started out as rsbland. In 2002 I dropped that domain name and started using a newer, shorter, cheaper name. In 2011 I moved the site to a cheaper web host and started using its domain name. It never hurts to save a couple of bucks.

I have some comments, suggestions, or additions on the site. How can I reach the webmaster?
You can send email to rsb at rsbac dot com.